Missing Scans

The proofs displayed on this site are compiled from a complete list of known proofs created by jhanic and from TheDarkTower.org Proof/ARC Catalog. Below are the ones where hi-res scans are required.

Here’s a list of the proofs that are missing from the main list. If you have any of these, and would like to help out by scanning them, then click the button below.

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Publisher Letters

There’s no list of missing publisher letters, but if you look at the main list of proofs, if there’s no image of a letter, then those are needed.

U.S. Proofs

  1. Black House partial proof (first 43 pages with black tape binding)
  2. Different Seasons submission manuscript with heavy paper covers
  3. Eyes of the Dragon Philtrum Press HC Designers Proof 1 known copy
  4. Faithful Anniversary edition unbound proof (1 known copy)
  5. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County trade cover (includes 2-CD set)
  6. Little Sisters of Eluria white cover (1 copy known)
  7. The Wind Through the Keyhole white cover with black taped spine

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U.K. Proofs

  1. 11.22.63 numbered (70 copies?) trade cover
  2. Dreamcatcher trade cover modified

Photos added in place of scans – US:

  1. Bag of Bones Large format “Second Draft” white cover with black tape spine
  2. Black House full proof manuscript black descriptive cover with black tape binding
  3. Black House full proof unbound manuscript
  4. Blaze manuscript proof tan cover with black tape spine ($24 price on cover)
  5. Blaze manuscript proof white cover with black tape spine ($25 price on cover)
  6. The Colorado Kid unbound proof
  7. The Dark Man in-house galley black/orange cover
  8. The Dark Man unbound proof unbound 1st proof, 3rd proof
  9. Dark Tower I: Revised Gunslinger tan cover
  10. Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger (Plume) ARC Variant Cover does not mention any proof or ARC condition
  11. Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger (Plume) orange cover
  12. Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla blue cover unbound proof
  13. Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah blue cover with black tape spine
  14. Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass (Plume) trade cover
  15. Desperation manuscript two volumes comb binding printed cover and spine(12 copies?)
  16. Desperation manuscript two volumes comb binding white cover and blank spine(12 copies?)
  17. Doctor Sleep CD unbound proof 2nd proof
  18. Dreamcatcher manuscript white cover with black tape spine
  19. Eyes of the Dragon (with packet of art enclosed) olive green cover
  20. Faithful white cover partial manuscript
  21. Faithful white cover full manuscript with picture on first page (cover?)
  22. Full Dark, No Stars blue cover with black tape spine
  23. From a Buick 8 manuscript trade cover with black tape spine
  24. Green Mile #1 signed manuscript contest proof 6 (36?) copies
  25. Green Mile #1 – #6 green cover
  26. Hearts in Atlantis manuscript proof with black tape spine (20 copies in-house only)
  27. It: 25th Anniversary Edition red/black cover (10-12 copies)
  28. It: 25th Anniversary Edition unbound proof (scarce) 2nd proof
  29. Misery manuscript comb binding (BMOC) green cover 12 copies?
  30. Nightmares in the Sky white cover partial proof
  31. Pet Sematary red cardboard covers 2 volumes “Stevie Prince” Fewer than 10 copies?
  32. The Plant part 1 – 3 green dust jacket over a beige cover
  33. Regulators manuscript spiral bound (12 copies?)
  34. Secretary of Dreams Volume 2 unbound proof 1st proof, 2nd proof, 3rd proof
  35. Six Stories Roman numeral 2pies
  36. Six Stories unnumbered ? copies
  37. Stephen King Goes to the Movies 8.5×11 bound galley proof with white tape spine
  38. Storm of the Century manuscript white cover w/ black tape spine “For Pocket Eyes Only” very rare
  39. The Uncut Stand white/black trade cover 200 copies?
  40. The Tommyknockers manuscript two volumes flat binding
  41. Under the Dome blue cover
  42. Under the Dome hardcover with “Proof” printed on the back of the dust jacket


  1. Carrie white cover (O50)
  2. Carrie green cover (P6)
  3. Carrie white galley proof
  4. Salem’s Lot green cover oblong size
  5. Salem’s Lot off-white cover
  6. Shining blue cover with black tape spine
  7. Night Shift green cover
  8. Stand light brown cover oblong size
  9. Stand blue/green cover

Photos added in place of scans – UK:

  1. Bag of Bones gray cover
  2. Bag of Bones pale green cover
  3. Danse Macabre white cover
  4. Dead Zone yellow cover
  5. Different Seasons gray decorative cover
  6. Duma Key special edition (10 copies) from poster contest
  7. End of Watch Promo Sampler
  8. Eyes of the Dragon white cover
  9. Firestarter – Yellow cover
  10. Four Past Midnight blue cover unbound manuscript extremely rare
  11. Four Past Midnight unbound proof set blue covers (One known copy.)
  12. Full Dark, No Stars numbered (77 copies) trade cover
  13. Green Mile 1, 3-6 white covers
  14. Gunslinger tan cover Sphere
  15. Hearts in Atlantis Light blue cover
  16. Needful Things blue spiral binding
  17. Night Shift white cover w/French flaps
  18. ‘Salem’s Lot NEL tan cover (One known copy.)
  19. Skeleton Crew partial proof white cover
  20. Skeleton Crew full proof white cover
  21. Stand blank white cover w/French flaps
  22. The Uncut Stand full proof red cover very rare 33? copies
  23. Thinner blue cover
  24. Twice the Power (Needful Things + The Langoliers) black cover (One known copy.)